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About Datagrove Costa Rica

Our Vision: Building software that is good because it does good.

Datagrove products are all about making things easier, more efficient, and more secure while taking into consideration our impact on the world around us.

Our Partners

Our partner, Datagrove US, supports the Datagrove Costa Rica mission by offering opportunities to build great software that does good around the world.

Our Team

Tomás Dozier
Tomás Dozier, Costa Rica Country Director

Tomás is dedicated to connecting Costa Ricans to practical solutions using technology for a better world. An entrepreneur of new models, systems, and thinking, he is especially interested in environmental care, and how technology can assist in creating sustainable solutions.

Raquel Abarca Espinoza
Raquel Abarca Espinoza, Student Developer

Raquel is studying computer engineering at Universidad Hispanoamericana. She is looking forward to learning a lot about software and making an impact for good for the community, like making software for community help or increasing access to psychological services. Raquel is inspired by a former teacher's quote: "Any software you can think of, you can create it!"

Jafet Rodriguez, Junior Developer

Fabián Valverde, Junior Developer

Fabián studied software engineering at Universidad Fidélitas and he is looking forward to learning and growing as developer with the Datagrove Costa Rica team. Fabián sees many ways that software can improve daily life, from the ways we learn to how we spend our free time. He hopes to be able to use technology to improve safety and to do great things in his community.

Andrés Villalobos
Andrés Villalobos, Student Developer

Andrés is pursuing a technical degree in software engineering from Universidad Cenfotec. He joined the Datagrove Costa Rica team to learn a variety of different skills, and also because he believes in the company's mission to make software engineering accessible to anyone. Andrés sees the potential for technology to modernize processes, and close gaps in education and for small businesses.