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Working for Datagrove Costa Rica

Help us build the next generation of software to support mercy and justice in the world - join Datagrove Costa Rica in a full-time or part-time role!

Datagrove Costa Rica developers primarily use Typescript, Go, Dart/Flutter, and Rust 🦀. Datagrove's first product is still in stealth mode, but ask us and we'd be happy to share!

Hit us up on Twitter, our DMs are open. @datagrovecr

Full-Time Positions with Datagrove Costa Rica

DatagroveCR hires Costa Ricans who would like to pursue a career in software development as Junior Developers. Previous experience (self-taught or formal course work) with coding is preferred, but not required.

You will work approximately 40 hours a week, primarily from our office in Rohmoser. Full-time employees receive a salary and are provided company equipment to use for coding work. Guidance, support, and community are provided, but the learning process will be highly self-directed. If that sounds exciting to you this opportunity might be a great fit!

Part-Time Positions with Datagrove Costa Rica

The Datagrove Costa Rica hires university students studying computer science in Costa Rica as part-time Student Developers. Beginners with a passion for coding are welcome!

When in school we want your focus to be on learning everything you can, so you will work 15-20 (15 hours per week minimum, 20 hours per week preferred) flexible hours per week at the DatagroveCR office in Rohmoser. When your school is on break, come work with us 40 hours a week and write great software!

You will practice what you are learning in school building software for a better world. You will work on a team where your input is welcome and needed. When you graduate, we hope you will stay!

You will also get practice with English, which for better or worse is the trade language of computer science. English is your most important computer language, and the one that requires the most practice 💯

Student Developer positions are currently limited to students who have been accepted to a university Computer Science program (or similar) in Costa Rica.

Please note: We do accept applications year-round. However, we expect to conduct the next round of interviews in November 2023.

Application Process

  1. Student Developer Internship Applicants - Be accepted to or enrolled in a university Computer Science program (or similar).

  2. Submit the DatagroveCR Application in English.
    Datagrove is committed to a holistic application process. We seek applicants who have a passion for programming and for creating a better world.

  3. Complete a one-hour in-person interview in English (final candidates only).
    We will contact final candidates to schedule interviews after we receive and review applications. Interviews will be held at the Datagrove office in Rohrmoser (near the Stadium and Parque del Café). If you anticipate difficulty attending an in-person interview, please contact Tomás Dozier, Costa Rica Country Director.

Please note: Learning, communication, and programming assignments for the Datagrove Costa Rica will conducted in English. Appllicants should be at or near business proficiency in English to be selected. If you have any questions about English proficiency requirements, please contact Tomás Dozier, Costa Rica Country Director.


Please contact Tomás Dozier, Costa Rica Country Director with any questions or general inquiries.